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A complete and personalized post-disaster restoration and cleaning service!

Post-disaster restoration and cleaning service

Water damages can be very dangerous if not properly handled.
Bacteria, mould, and other polluting agents that develop after this type of disaster are health hazards. What's more, traces of these contaminants in your home can significantly reduce its retail value. Fire and smoke can damage the building, its contents, and documents, in addition to the mess caused when water or powder extinguishers are used to put out the fire. Even a small oil spill or other hydrocarbon spill can make an evacuation necessary, as well as damaging structural elements of your building and its contents.
It is therefore critical to enlist the professional services of post-disaster restoration and cleaning specialists. Phoenix is specialized in these types of disasters and is ready for any scenario that may present itself during the course of a post-disaster restoration and cleanup. 

Phoenix is certified by the IICRC for the restoration of damages caused water, fire, and mold. Our complete cleaning and disaster restoration service includes structural drying, decontamination and odor control. 

Damaged Documents 

If your important and confidential documents have been damaged, Phoenix can save them. Whether they have been damaged by water, smoke, or mould, we have the technology and the equipment for a professional restoration of your valuable documents, while always respecting the highest level of discretion. Contact us now

A Turnkey Cleaning Service 

Phoenix understands how distressing a disaster can be to your life and has therefore created a complete post-disaster restoration and cleaning service with turnkey solutions. Our team is there to take charge of every detail of your cleanup, from moving, to carpet cleaning, to the thorough drying of your building's structure. In addition, our mold experts will ensure the decontamination of your belongings and your home.

You will find your home as good as new in no time. The Phoenix team is dedicated to providing a thorough and efficient service that minimizes any inconvenience related to post-disaster restoration and cleaning. 

Emergency Plan 

In a worst-case scenario, do you have an emergency plan in place for ensuring a speedy return to your business activities? Many businesses have registered Phoenix in their business continuity plan (BCP) in order to secure priority service in the event of a catastrophe. Phoenix would be proud to be one of the key players in your emergency plan. Think ahead! In the event of a disaster, the winners are those who know where to go for excellent service. 


People often ask, “Why restore instead of replacing? After all, there is a chance the restoration won't be successful, and we are insured for the replacement value.” There are four main reasons to restore instead of replacing, which apply to the building as well as its contents. 

1) Restoring is environmentally sound and requires less energy and resources than replacing 
2) Restoring is often much faster than replacing 
3) Restoring costs less than replacing 
4) Restoring often allows life to go on, causing fewer disturbances and minimising lost profit contributing to your peace of mind

Of course it's crucial to employ a post-disaster restoration firm that has the experience and expertise to properly evaluate the course of action as well as the probability of success for each restoration procedure. The right firm will follow the golden rules when deciding what to restore, meaning when it's:

1) Safe for the technicians and the users 
2) Possible within a reasonable time-frame 
3) Less costly than replacement 
4) Viable, meaning the chances of success are good.


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