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Death and Crime Scenes

Despite the fact that water damages (80%) and fires (15%) represent the vast majority of disasters, Phoenix cleans and rebuilds following other types of events.

Deaths that occur at home are rather rare, but often create a significant mess, especially when the corpse remains in the premises for some time. These disasters require that considerable precautions be taken, considering the health risks to those intervening, as well as the psychological trauma to the family of the deceased. In these cases, our clients appreciate discretion, quick action, and extreme quality control in cleaning and restoring the mess caused by the death.

It is possible to find a similar situation at a crime scene, as police may need to investigate bodies for several hours or even several days before freeing up the scene. Taking into consideration the products they use in their analyses and to detect fingerprints, our services are often required in order to clean stains and remove all traces of the event.

Oil spill damage and other disaster restoration

Heating oil spills are rare, as the cost of fossil fuels have pushed people towards the use of electric energy or other more ecological energy sources. However, just a few drops of oil are enough to create an unbearable smell in a home. It is not impossible for an old abandoned oil tank to leak years after its last refill.

Here is a brief list of other contaminants Phoenix occasionally encounters:

  • Beryllium contaminationCarbone monoxide (from a broken heater or an engine that was running indoors or near a ventilation source)
  • Buildings damaged by fallen trees
  • Roofs torn off by wind storms
  • Infectious diseases (i.e. H1N1)
  • Biological contaminants (infected blood, biomedical products, SARS, C_Difficile, etc)
  • Guano

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