What our client appreciate the most:

Thursday, April 21, 2016

this spring, many basements were flooded. Here are some of our clients comments:

Furniture and contents in a flooded basement can also be damaged.

Often, inspections behind baseboards can help identify pre-existing contamination.

They were very polite and reassured me greatly in spite of circumstances and the state of my basement. Executed rapidly. Thank you!
-Sonia Boutin

Speed and efficiency of your team. Your skills and professionnalism.
You offer peace of mind amid the chaos and dispair.
-Corinne Hamelin, Dixville

Speed and follow-up of work.
-Bruno Noël, Retirement Residence Vü, Groupe Maurice

The team was attentive to our needs. We appreciated their professionalism, their speed and everything done with a friendly and pleasant attitude. We were not insured and the speed of the interventions allowed us to minimise damages and avoir costly repairs. Thank you very much!
-Maison de la Famille, Sherbrooke

The service.
-Marie-Pierre Roy & Philippe Tremblay, Sherbrooke

Speed of work.
-Raymond Bélanger, Sherbrooke